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Drug Screening in Flint, MI

Lifetime Urgent Care Provides Fast and Reliable Employment and Individual Drug Screening. Our Walk-In Clinic is Open 7 Days a Week and We Provide Exceptional Urgent Care from Our Team of Medical Professionals. Call Us for More Information. Visit Us at 2469 W. Hill Rd Flint, MI 48507. Serving Flint, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Holly, Linden and Swartz Creek, MI.

Drug Screening in Flint, MI

For most employers, keeping your employees in great health throughout the year is essential to having a productive and safe business environment. From physicals to accessible medical care, there are many ways to ensure the safety of your workers. One of the many occupational health services that we offer at Lifetime Urgent Care is drug screening. Drug testing is a required process for many different types of businesses because it ensures that employees are practicing safe and proper precautions at work to produce their best work. Drug use can lead to accidents and improper behavior in the workplace, and overall health problems for your workers. At Lifetime Urgent Care, our team of medical professionals offers top quality drug testing services on-site on a walk-in basis.

We are proud to offer an on-site laboratory for all of your drug screening needs. Lifetime Urgent Care in Flint, MI takes employee safety very seriously. We work closely with your Human Resource department to coordinate a drug-testing plan that works for your business. Our goal is to assist businesses with minimal employee downtime and provide fast and dependable results so that you can keep your business running properly throughout the year. We can work with your team to provide the best possible drug testing services and ease the stress of occupational healthcare and employee health for your business.

Drug Testing Services

There are various types of drug testing that Lifetime Urgent Care offers. Depending on your workforce size and your specific employer needs, our team can tailor our drug testing services for your business. Here are the different types of drug testing procedures that we offer on-site at our walk-in urgent care clinic in Flint:

  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Private Drug Testing

All drug testing is performed in our on-site laboratory that allows for quick turnaround of results. Rather than waiting days or weeks for results, our team of laboratory technicians can provide prompt and accurate drug testing, so that your business can function properly throughout the year in a timely manner. Results are coordinated directly to the employer, with minimal downtime and top-notch medical confidentiality. For ongoing drug testing needs, we encourage you to contact our staff to construct a plan and schedule that works for your specific drug testing needs.
Lifetime Urgent Care Provides:

  • Walk-in friendly
  • Open seven days a week during flexible business hours
  • In-network for most Colorado insurers
  • Open extended hours throughout the week
  • Staffed by doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians

If you are looking for accessible and timely drug testing services in the Flint, MI area then Lifetime Urgent Care is the perfect option. Our team can help you with a wide variety of occupational health needs, and work with you to find the best solutions for keeping your employees in great health throughout the year!