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Urgent Care in Flint, MI

Lifetime Urgent Care Offers Walk-in Services 7 Days a Week! Our Expert Doctors & Medical Staff Treat Adults & Children of All Ages. Please Call at (810) 339-8261 or Visit Us at 2469 W. Hill Rd, Flint, MI 48507.

Urgent Care in Flint, MI

Illnesses and injuries can happen at any time of the year to patients of all ages. When they do happen out of nowhere, it is important for families to be prepared and have accessible medical care in their area. For many families, rushing to the nearest hospital is often the plan when there is an injury or illness in the family. Unfortunately, this can involve hours of waiting time before a physician is available, because there are so many other patients who are waiting for urgent care services. Lifetime Urgent Care has established itself in Flint, MI to help families receive the expert medical care that they need when a last minute injury or illness occurs. Instead of waiting for hours in a hospital sitting room, you can walk right into Lifetime Urgent Care for fast and top quality medical services. Our physicians have the years of experience and compassion for patients to provide everyone who walks into our clinic with excellent medical care. We know that your time is valuable and that families are busy, so we do our best to accommodate you and your loved ones as soon as you walk into our urgent care clinic in Flint, MI.

While emergency rooms are the right option for any life-threatening illness or injury, such as heavy bleeding or chest pain, an urgent care clinic is well-equipped to handle any minor medical ailment. From sprained ankles to sore throats, our physicians at Lifetime Urgent Care can provide your family with the appropriate diagnostics and treatment procedures. We know that every family has a busy schedule, so we are open seven days a week during flexible hours. Rather than sitting in a waiting room for hours on end, we can provide you with urgent care services in a timely manner. Our urgent care clinic in Flint has an excellent team of knowledgeable and compassionate doctors, nurses and technicians who can provide you with comprehensive and friendly medical care throughout the year. We specialize in pediatric urgent care services as well, and can help patients of all ages at our walk in clinic in Flint, MI. If you or your loved ones are in pain or discomfort, then walk right into Lifetime Urgent Care for fast and efficient urgent care services.

Lifetime Urgent Care clinic is centrally located in Flint, MI and is accessible to the surrounding cities and neighborhoods such as Fenton, Linden, Holly, Grand Blanc & Swartz Creek, MI. We welcome you to call us today for more information on our team, services or clinic, or you can simply walk in today for more information and friendly medical care. Our entire team of medical professionals at Lifetime Urgent Care hopes to help you and your family feel better as soon as possible in Flint, MI soon!