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Urgent Care Services in Flint, MI

Lifetime Urgent Care’s experienced doctors & medical staff provide a wide range of urgent care services including illnesses, injuries, infections, vaccinations, physical exams and more to adults & children of all ages. Please call lifetime urgent care or simply walk in. We are open 7 days a week!

Urgent Care Services in Flint, MI

When you come to Lifetime Urgent Care in Flint MI, you’ll get the kind of quality, dependable, urgent healthcare you need right away. And when you bring in a member of your family for our care, like your child or an elderly parent, you can expect the same level of care for him or her. Treatments for illnesses, physical exams, X-rays, and any other urgent care services can be provided at our clinic.

We’re proud to be a part of the Flint community, and we also serve the surrounding communities of Fenton, Linden, Holly, Grand Blanc, and Swartz Creek, MI. Our clinic is open for you and your family late 7 days a week. Come see us today if you live nearby and need urgent care services in Flint, MI.

When should you go to urgent care? What are the wait times?

When we’re sick or hurt, we often consider only two options: our primary care physician or the ER (emergency room). Our physician requires that we make an appointment, while the ER can have long wait times for non-emergency health situations. However, there is a third alternative with urgent care. Urgent care is actually the best choice whenever a health situation is urgent, but also non-life-threatening. For instance, a cut that needs stitches or strep throat are situations for urgent care.

One of the biggest reasons why urgent care is the best choice for urgent but minor situations is that there are virtually no wait times. Rather than waiting a week or so to see your physician or wasting hours at the ER, just go to urgent care instead where you can walk right in for service and the wait times are minimal at worst! This is often more than just convenient when a health situation requires immediate care. However, please remember that urgent care is for minor situations only. The ER is the only option for major, life-threatening situations.

What kind of illnesses do you treat? What kind of services do you offer?

An urgent care clinic like ours is able to treat any non-life-threatening health condition. This includes any illnesses, infections, and injuries that are minor. We at Lifetime Urgent Care offer a number of other helpful services too, including physical exams! The many different conditions we treat and services we offer include:

  • Treatments for cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis or pneumonia, allergies and asthma, fevers, strep throat, etc.
  • Treatments for minor sprains and strains, minor lacerations and burns, minor broken bones, and other minor injuries
  • In-office X-rays and laboratory and testing services with immediate results (STD testing, drug screening, and more)
  • Vaccinations
  • Physical exams, including sports, school, and annual physicals
  • Pediatric care for children and geriatric care for seniors
  • And more

All of our services are available on a walk-in basis with no appointment necessary. You can just come right over to our clinic for same-day, on-the-spot service and immediate care. Also, our services are covered by most insurance providers and plans!

What insurance do you accept?

Lifetime Urgent Care will accept most common and major health insurances, so you can be confident that your visits with us will be covered. For a list of the many insurers we work with, please see our Insurance page. If you’d rather contact Lifetime Urgent Care directly to ask us about the insurance we accept, you can give us a call at (810) 339-8261. We’d be happy to hear from you for any reason, so don’t hesitate to contact us or come see us today.

Where is your clinic for urgent care services in Flint, MI?

For urgent care near you, you can come see us today here at Lifetime Urgent Care. We’re open for you and your family whenever you might need us, with extended hours Monday to Friday (8 am to 8 pm) and weekend hours (10 am to 6 pm). Our clinic is located over at 2469 W. Hill Rd Flint, MI 48507.

Whenever you or a loved one needs immediate care during a minor but urgent situation, come see us at Lifetime Urgent Care where walk-ins are more than welcome. We’ll treat you right away, right on the spot, and have you back home quickly so you can get back to living your life.